Rest In Power

Johal_Sandeep_anamika devi.jpg
"... Lord Golunath and the goddess have asked us - no, told us - to bring her into the open. And because her form has somehow effaced itself from our hearts, she must be given a body. How many arms should Anamika Devi have?"
"Oh, at least ten. She works all the time, just as we do."
- The Selector of Souls by Shauna Singh Baldwin


Incarnation of Anamika Devi
12" x 12" 
Acrylic on Wood Panel

Rest In Power Studies , 2016
6" x 9" 
Ink on Paper

Rest In Power Studies
5.5" x 11"
Collage and Ink on Paper

left to right (top row)
Natsumi Kogawa/ Pushpa+Murti/ Maple Batalia/ Qandeel Baloch/ Maria Coni+ Marina Menegazzo

left to right (bottom row)
Amandeep Atwal/ Jaswinder Sidhu/ Jyoti Singh/ Maria Ladenburger/ Lucia Perez