Indian Summer Festival (2018)
Goddess of the Arts Festival Imagery

Goddess of the Arts is based off of the goddess form from my series, Rest In Power (2017).
The musical instrument is a reference to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and the arts.

Art Direction: Mustali Raj
Graphic Design: Rob Eccles

"The Morning Star is a recurring image in the stories and in the life of noted Musqueam weaver and knowledge keeper Debra Sparrow. For rising visual artist Sandeep Johal, godesses and feminine power are compelling inspirations for her art. These two astounding artists have created a specifically commissioned collaborative artwork for Indian Summer Festival. The result is the stunning 'Starweaver' a goddess who weaves yarn and cultures together to create a tapestry of the starry, sheltering sky. Covering the entire ceiling of PAUSE Pavillion, 'Starweaver' is on display July 6-15." 

Starweaver in collaboration with Debra Sparrow
12' x 36'
Digital illustration printed on vinyl

Art Direction: Sirish Rao
Graphic Design: Rob Eccles


Museum Bhavan installation
Gallery Lane, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Twins and a Tiger
6' x 6'
Interior paint on wood