When Honour Kills (2006) is a response to a rash of honour killings in the lower mainland in the early to mid-2000s. It honours two women killed in the name of honour while questioning this powerful notion of honour that families are willing to kill their daughters (not sons) over.

“One of the many elements that I like in your work is that there IS a deliberate decorative component (which you acknowledge in your writing/speaking), but it functions very subtly as another example of the word ‘drawing’, in that it draws the viewer further into your work, where they may discover what lies beneath or rather interwoven with the seemingly decorative elements. This was apparent in your series of small screen prints years ago, and is still amazingly apparent in your huge murals. That is not easy to accomplish; that thread (again, a reference to fabric) is what you’ve been following, and other threads have been introduced as you weave your many narratives into what I also refer to as ‘one’s life’s work as a self-portrait.’ Very elegantly done, conceptually and physically."

Gordon Trick, printmaker and former instructor